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  • More about Chef Charisse

    Did you know that Chef Charisse currently works as a Private Chef to some high-profile clients from NYC? Cooking Pan-Asian cuisines to European cuisines and plated desserts to homestyle healthy baked goods and other comforting and healthful staples for their families. Being a private chef requires years of professional experience and a knack for keeping secrets! 👀 The next collaboration project will include one of her clients ' top favorites, and we are extremely lucky that she will share it with us! Can you guess which one it is? Each one is unique, made from scratch fillings and glazes you simply won't find anywhere else.

  • TNL's First Ever Filipino Holiday Loaves

    Sure, cookies reign supreme during the holidays. But maybe it's time to break with tradition. Perhaps it's time to make something totally unexpected yet equally as festive. Here is our take on holiday loaves - have a slice for breakfast, a slice for an afternoon snack, or a slice before bedtime! "I was inspired by Christmas Morning and the gathering of family before cooking begins. Enjoy these with tea or coffee or simply grab a slice and eat it while the kids open their presents. I was also inspired by the seasonal Christmas Cookie trades and how so many kinds of cookies are traded in December alone!" - Chef Charrise

  • The Greene Space X MOFAD Presents Noche Buena: A Filipinx Holiday Cooking Demo and Conversation

    We are so thrilled to partner with the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) and The Greene Space in this very exciting virtual event, "Noche Buena: A Filipinx Holiday Cooking Demo and Conversation" You will learn how to make two kinds of pancit, a popular noodle dish that is highly flexible and traditionally eaten during celebratory events such as Noche Buena, the Filipino Christmas Eve feast. Tindahan ni Luz will ship out a box of shelf-stable pantry ingredients so you can cook along with Chef Jenn de la Vega and Chef Woldy Reyes at home. Order your tickets before December 9th to add-on this ingredient box and get it shipped directly to your door.

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  • Filipino Online Grocery | Tindahan ni Luz

    pinoy pantry essentials Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Fish Sauce, Pancit, Bagoong, Corned Beef, Sardines, and More View Products Meat & veggies Longanisa, Tocino, Lumpia, Marinated and Smoked Fish, Vegetables and Fruits View Products SNACKS Prawn Crackers, Chips, Wafers, Biscuits View Products pasa-buy, home-cooked meals, and pastries Home-cooked Meals, Freshly Baked Pandesal View Products around asia ​ Ramen, Dips & Sauces, Snacks, Beverages, Dimsum, Spices View Products

  • Lamisa | Tindahan ni Luz

    Home Pantry Essentials Meat & Veggies Snacks Pasa-buy/Home-cooked Around Asia More 0 BREAKFAST LINE Out of gallery Inspired by Filipino breakfast rice cakes such as “bibingka” and the Hawaiian treat “butter mochi cakes”, I created the Coconut Mochi Pancake Mix. I created this mix with versatility in mind. Cooks can be creative with it! I see it as a blank slate for a variety of different ingredients and flavors. Personally, I would add mashed up bananas in the mix and then top these hotcakes with shredded mild cheddar cheese and coconut. - Chef Charisse, Lamisa Quick View Coconut Mochi Pancake Mix + Muscovado Syrup Price $15.00 Add to Cart Quick View Dirty Rose Horchata Price $25.00 Out of Stock Quick View Gumamela Calamansi Margarita 16oz Price $25.00 Out of Stock Quick View Sampaguita Lychee Iced Tea Fizz 16oz Price $25.00 Out of Stock cocktail mixers ube butter Made with co-op crafted and farm to table butter, this product is decadent and flavorful. This was inspired by ube lovers and ube newbies. Leave room temperature and enjoy as a topping for ice cream or dipping sauce for your charcuterie boards. You could even make a milkshake out of it! Leave in the refrigerator to create a spreadable consistency on toasts, pancakes, and croissants. Ube butter is so versatile it sure will become one of your pantry staples! Only at TNL Quick View Ube Butter 8oz Price $15.00 Add to Cart Out of gallery

  • Special Aisle | Tindahan ni Luz

    Home Pantry Essentials Meat & Veggies Snacks Pasa-buy/Home-cooked Lamisa Around Asia More 0 Quick View Filipino BBQ Spice Rub Price $6.75 Out of Stock Quick View Chinese BBQ Spice Rub Price $6.75 Add to Cart Quick View Asian Fusion BBQ Spice Rub Price $6.75 Add to Cart Created by Filipino chefs, this BBQ rub is full of fragrant and sweet spices, lots of citrus, and a bit of heat. Try it as an excellent dry rub marinade for pork, chicken, beef, or fish. Add 2-3 tablespoons of this rub to a can of coconut milk to produce a quick, elegant curry base. We bring the flavors of regional Sichuan cooking to your kitchen, using an array of spices that are common to this area. When used as a dry rub marinade, the Chinese BBQ Rub will give the meat a pleasing red tint from its all-natural ingredients. This is also an ideal rub to used as a seasoning ingredient to any stir fry. Asian Fusion brings a savory-sweet-spicy blend that is typical of Asian cuisines. The flavors will match almost every combination of meat, fish, vegetables, and tofu. Use this rub prior to cooking or sprinkle it on at the end of a stir-fry for an extra flavor pop. Try it on popcorn for a truly outstanding, slightly exotic snack. BUY 1 GET 1 Quick View Ginger Scallion & Fresh Lime Sauce Price $8.99 Add to Cart Corine’s Cuisine Sauce No. 7 is loaded with the tangy flavor of real chopped ginger and fresh lime juice. Its canola-oil base makes it amazingly versatile as a marinade, a cooking sauce, or a dressing. Many recipes from traditional Chinese cuisine can be started in the wok or sauté pan with Sauce No. 7 — make your favorite Asian dish easier to cook! Quick View Labuyo Chili Sauce (250ml) Price $10.99 Out of Stock Quick View Pili Nut Butter Price $12.99 Out of Stock Spice up your meal and experience the unique heat of the Philippines with our delicious Labuyo Chili Sauce! This fermented hot sauce is free of preservatives, gluten, or added sugar. It’s also the perfect condiment to all your keto or paleo recipes with 2 calories for every teaspoon. Ingredients: Fermented Whole Siling Labuyo Chili Peppers, Garlic, Shallots, Tomato, Turmeric, Vinegar, Calamansi, Peppercorn, Tamarind, Molasses, Salt, and Starch derived from Cassava. Indulge in the naturally rich and buttery flavor of the pili nut. This perfect keto nut butter is entirely sustainable, contains no added sugar and absolutely zero preservatives. This is a perfect addition to recipes and dressings as well as eating straight from the jar. Made with 100% natural, wild-harvested pili nuts. Delicious on its own or in baking, smoothies, and much more! Perfect for keto, paleo, gluten-free and vegan diets. This gourmet handcrafted pistachio butter is packed with 5 grams of protein per serving and has a rich aroma of roasted pistachios. Have it with your breakfast (toast, oatmeal, or spoonsful all by itself), or enjoy it as a healthy afternoon snack. BUY 1 GET 1 Quick View Pistachio Butter Price $13.99 Out of Stock

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