Tindahan ni Luz x Lamisa Events

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We are so thrilled to share with you this collaboration with Chef Charisse Ledres of Lamisa Events - featuring our first project: Thanksgiving Kamayan Meal Kits!

Charisse is a Private Estate Chef and Caterer who loves the simplicity of food. She specializes in food that is typically inspired by the feeling of coming home. She grew up on a tropical island in the Philippines called Cebu, guided by family matriarchs who took her to wet markets, fish farms, and local vendors. She was trained by mothers who threw big feasts for special occasions and day to day family meals. She looks up to generational home cooks and their unwavering love for keeping it classic. Backed with professional techniques learned from years of training in culinary school and different professional kitchens, her specialties could range from Italian, French, English, Mediterranean, Classic American, Indian, and various Asian cuisines. Nevertheless, she has a strong passion for childhood food and will always love Filipino food.made comments and more.

We love collaborating with people aligned with our values and thrust. Tindahan ni Luz and Lamisa Events both started as a passion project, fuelled with really good intentions - to make this world a better place by doing what we love and sharing it with you.

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